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Poster: duckpond74 Date: Nov 15, 2010 11:36am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Speaking of avatars (non-dead hijack)

Rob, I'm cool - not a problem.

I'm not a fan, nor a regular detractor of Miss P. Critics write, often with the intent to piss somebody off.

I just read the whole review - she (CP) does have an over-the-top style of writing - and it seems she has plenty of axes to grind.

Blanket statements are rarely, if ever, a good idea ... and they seem to be a part of her MO.

But, as regards to the Dead. I must say, it was your comments, Rob, that finally got me to listen to the Wembley Halloween '90 show. Night and day difference from the next night - the band was tighter, the energy was much, much stronger, and Jerry's voice (at least, at first) and his guitar playing had spark and enthusiasm. The Help/Slipknot/Franklin's immediately brought a smile to my face. . . . I had a pass to both nights, but I gave my 10/31 to a drummer friend who loved it. I could never understand his heady enthusiasm after seeing the 11/1 show . . . I do now.

It was TDIH 11/15/87 at Long Beach, that I last saw Jerry play with such fire, enthusiasm, strength and, above all, joy. He smiled a lot throughout the show - even did that wry, raised eyebrow thing a few times. The band was equally on. The last time I walked out of a dead show satisfied - down to my bones.